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14 Sep 2017   Space

Spreeuw Centraal

Read about the series of events that eventually led to a collaboration between Jasper Doest, Het Natuurhistorisch Museum Rotterdam and Oak & Morrow. Together we created “Spreeuw Centraal: kijken door de lens van Jasper Doest”, telling the story of starlings at Rotterdam Central Station.

Creating the next generation configurator.

Between 2014 and 2015 Mazda launched their new range of beautiful cars. To complement these cars Mazda Motor Netherlands asked us to come up with the next gen car configurator.…

Mazda Nederland
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The smart projecter that fits in any light socket.

Beam can turn any flat surface into a big screen. It is a powerful projector equipped with a smart computer, all inside a beautifully designed casing. You can play games, watch movies or share content from your smartphone or tablet.…

Beam Labs
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