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Strategic design studio

We are a strategic design studio from the Netherlands. We design meaningful interactive products, services and brands.

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Studio life 02 02 2016

Making a TV commercial for Futurumshop

Work should feel like a hobby. And I (Jeroen) am very fortunate in having a job that I absolutely love. But it is even cooler when I can combine my job with my favorite hobby: cycling.

Studio life 27 01 2016

Introducing: Esther

New year, new studio, new colleague!! Wait… actually our latest addition to the team has joined us about four months ago. But you know the saying “Time flies when you are having fun!” – so true in this case…

Studio life 25 01 2016

We are moving to Rotterdam!

Wow. What? Yes, it’s true! At the end of February we will move to our new office in Rotterdam. I know what you are thinking: we just moved into our Breda office 1,5 years ago…

Brand personality 22 01 2016

Coca-Cola subtly changes its brand focus

For the past seven years Coca-Cola has used ‘Open Happiness’ as its brand slogan. With this they tried to create a link between happiness and drinking Coke. This resulted in many interesting ads, …

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