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Strategic design studio

We are a strategic design studio from the Netherlands. We design meaningful interactive products, services and brands.

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Interview 22 04 2015

With: Marijke Buurlage

I am a 25 years old illustrator from Leeuwarden, NL and I graduated 2 years ago from art school…

Fun 13 03 2015

Film Music in Concert

For some time we’ve been working on an awesome project for the Royal Concertgebouw’s Concertvrienden. To celebrate finishing this project (it will be launched in May) the team got an invitation for a very special evening at the Royal Concertgebouw: Film Music in Concert…

Product personality 02 03 2015

Making of — a wired book

Today we proudly present the full backstory of creating one of the 12 ADCN yearbook covers. In case you have no clue what we are talking about right now, we highly recommend you check out the finished project over here…

Journal 20 02 2015

Nerve-racking times

You might have heard of our latest project: Beam. In case you are wondering now what the heck we are talking about you can check out the full story on kickstarter. Prepare yourself to see one real nice product though. Nope, we are not even trying to hide how proud we are of this one…

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