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Strategic design studio

We are a strategic design studio from the Netherlands. We design meaningful interactive products, services and brands.

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Touching the senses 31 03 2016

The psychology of memory and recall

How memory works is one of the most interesting things to dive into. Trying to understand this can help us as designers in creating better solutions…

Touching the senses 29 03 2016

Holoportation: Microsoft’s newest gadget

Have you ever wanted to instantly visit another place on the planet? Or would you love to suddenly have a far away friend come and visit you? With Microsoft’s Hololens this is possible, thanks to Holoportation.

Smart life 24 03 2016

Brixo: Next level building blocks

Remember the design classic we all played with and some of us still do today? Functionality in design at it’s best! And at it’s core simplicity in design from squared to rectangular. Can you already guess what I am talking about?

Touching the senses 22 03 2016

How architecture firm BIG dares to dream… big

BIG is a Danish architecture firm that dares to break out of the status quo. They come up with beautiful buildings that don’t just look good, but also facilitate new experiences…

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