The next generation configurator for Mazda Netherlands.




Q42 for development


Over the past years Mazda launched their new range of beautiful cars. To complement these cars Mazda Motor Netherlands asked us to come up with the next gen car configurator.


When people are interested in a car these days the first thing they do is orientate online. And all people have their own specific thoughts on what they expect from their dream car. It can be any kind of combination of ratio (budget, features, etc) and emotion (look, feel, sound, etc). How do you create a car configurator that can give the best answer to all these questions?


We created a car configurator that moves smoothly in between different worlds. You can start off with an overview page containing all models and configurations, filtering your way to your dream car. From there on you can move through detail pages that combine the high quality details of a brochure with the personalization possibilities of a configurator. So while you are selecting your dream configuration you can at the same time dive into every possible feature.


After the new car configurator was launched we saw a steep growth in the number of people who converted into possible leads. More people finished their configuration and asked for an appointment at their local Mazda dealer.

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