Spatial design

You step into a room and feel the tension rising. You take another step and the lights dim, smoke rises, and two armies appear to your left and right. The soldiers start taunting each other. Every move you make brings a reaction…

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Adyen’s playground.

According to Arthur C. Clarke, any sufficiently advanced technology should be indistinguishable from magic. With the right use of technology, any environment — from a museum to a retail store — can become an interactive space. The above description is part of an exhibition in Denmark about two armies: a completely immersive experience for visitors.

Our mission is to create experiences that encourage people to suspend their disbelief and interact with the environment. We begin by asking some crucial questions: not about your aims — but about your visitors’. Who are they? What are their expectations? What experience do we want them to take home with them?

Then the real fun begins.

Spreeuw Centraal. Soon online!

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