User testing

It sucks when things don’t work the way you expect them to. And a customer experience oversight can floor an entire product, sending you back to the drawing board. Unless you get testing early on…

Gathering customer insight is a way of understanding what customers believe they want. User testing, however, is way of assessing their actions. It’s proof that your customers do things the way they say they do.

User testing is also a great way to iron out any customer niggles and frustrations — before your product or service hits the market. It’s all about feedback: being able to produce, tweak, and massage a feature here and there to ensure that thing you just spent every waking hour on over the last few months actually works.

Some of the clients we've done user testing for: KLM, Boom Uitgevers, Fietssport, Preludium and Mazda.

Yes, it’s common sense. But it’s easy to lose sight of simple things when your foot is on the accelerator. Our job is to make sure the right questions are asked and that everything works the way it should — to save you time, money, and a whole heap of headaches.

User testing comes in many forms. It can be done in half a day with a handful of people in an office, or elsewhere over a couple of weeks. It can happen between sprints, right after a concept is conceived, or once a prototype or beta’s been built.

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