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If you travel with public transport every day, you know the drill. Without thinking you go to the right platform, jump on the correct train and you know you can make that change between trains nobody else can make. Especially for you we created Subiet.

Subiet is a public transport app for experienced travellers. You can easily create an overview of your regular routes. It will display the first possible trip on the overview page and alternative times on the detail pages. If you want you can connect multiple lines and add your own walking time in between, because you know you can make it in 4 minutes instead of the 5 minutes every planner plans. With Subiet it becomes possible to check your first possible connection to your most used destinations ad hoc. And it also gives you alerts when there are arrival, departure or platform changes on your routes.

A shot in real life.

On the train station of Breda.

Created with our friends

Some time ago Jeroen came up with the idea for Subiet. The reason is simple: he constantly travels through the Netherlands with the train and noticed how he was constantly planning new trips on the current apps. This made him sketch out the concept. As soon as we proposed this to our friends at Q42 they became enthusiastic (the way Q’ers can be enthusiastic) and we team up. It was a fun process where we did a lot of back and forth and together created the result you see in the App store.

Right now Subiet is freely available for iOS. Go get it in the App store and let us know what you think of it.

  1. Development: Q42

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  1. Jeroen van Geel
  2. Creative director
  3. +31 6 41 86 75 26

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