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The Concertgebouw is world famous for it’s high quality sound and beautiful concerts. It’s also the homebase of the superb Concertgebouw Orchestra. Oak & Morrow was asked to design digital guides that would get people excited and prepared for their upcoming concert visit.

We designed the digital guides in such a way that they would be a joy to look and read through. The front page of a concert is like the poster. It gives you a direct feeling of the atmophere you can expect, the pieces being played and the most important musicians who will bring it to you. Every part of the page responds to your touch and invites you to dive deeper. Here you see two concert pages. The one on the left is specifically for the Concertgebouw.

Preludium Magazine.

The digital guides are created by the editorial team behind Preludium Magazine, which is managed by Vrienden van het Concertgebouw. They have a big passion for classical music and know all the important and juicy details that you want to know when going to a concert. During the entire process we worked closely together with this team, making sure that what we envisioned would match with the content that the editorial team would create. Besides the digital guides we also designed the overall Preludium website. It focuses on two major things: the magazine and the digital guides. On the homepage we made a hard 50-50 split to give people a direct idea what Preludium is all about.


The guides are fully responsive. It doesn’t matter if you view it on your desktop screen or just five minutes before the concert starts in the Concertgebouw hall. You’ll be prepared during the break to share some smart insights with

Testing the experience

Before the new website was launched it was live tested during multiple concerts. We created full functional concert guides for these concerts and the entire audience received an invitiation to use the guide and give feedback. This helped us to improve the experience.

  1. Front-end development: BAMeffect
  2. Back-end development: e-sites

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  1. Marten de Jongh
  2. Creative director
  3. +31 6 27 27 37 88

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