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What if we could create a social network that would enable small African communities to share news and trade with each other? That was the idea behind Mimispot; a local social network that works on any web-enabled phone.


Africa is a huge continent with many different cultures. There are rising markets, poor rural areas, conflicts, beautiful developments and most of all people that look to their future. The mobile phone is the main means of communication and doing business. But what doesn’t exist yet is a good local news source.


Mimispot is a social network that gives you the news from the people who live around you. Together you can share things of importance and the system will automatically prioritize the messages closest to you. This way communities can share and discuss things that are important for them. In one area it may focus more on religion and education, while in another area people talk more about politics and trade. But even important topics such as ebola can easily be shared throughout the community, thus enabling people to be up-to-date fast.


The thing which makes Mimispot so special is that it works on any web-enabled phone without needing big data bundles. This is very important in Africa, because 95% has pre-paid phones and wants to spend their money well. The user interface is designed to look good both on modern smart phones and the many different feature phones Africans still use.

  1. Development: Q42
  2. Illustration: Marijke Buurlage

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  1. Marten de Jongh
  2. Creative director
  3. +31 6 27 27 37 88

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