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We love to solve complex puzzles and to make complexity disappear. The monitor NBA wanted us to create was a perfect challenge. The world of accountancy is currently restructuring and improving itself. All the organizations have set goals they have to reach in order to reach those improvements. NBA wanted to create a monitor that gave people insight in this progress.



We created a monitor which makes it easy for people to look at the progress on different levels. You can see the overall progress, dive into specific topics or even go as deep as single organizations.

The entire monitor is made as a responsive website and can be viewed on any device. From day one we decided to really give it the feeling of a tool instead of a website, making it appear functional instead of emotional.


The website has been very well received by both the organizations and general public. It has helped NBA to give the overview that they as an organization need to give.

  1. Development: BAMeffect

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  1. Jeroen van Geel
  2. Creative director
  3. +31 6 41 86 75 26

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