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When somebody works at your company for 10 years you want to show them your appreciation. So that is what Q42 set out to do.


Q42 is a happy place for nerds who love to create beautiful technical products and services. In 2016 three awesome nerds were working at the company for 10 years! For Q42 this was a reason to put them in the spotlight. The mission: give them something they would love to show to their grand children.


We love to dream big and decided to create a unique high quality book for all three employees. Together with a secret team from Q42 we created a structure for each book which would bring back the memories of the past ten years. It would contain letters, projects, party pictures, anecdotes and also leave room for hand written memories from colleagues and clients. With this in mind we started designing an overall visual style for different page types, while the Q42 team started collecting all the material.


After many days and nights of work we finished the book designs. These were then printed and hand bound. The end result was given to the three lucky people during a party. And the looks on their faces were golden.

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  1. Marten de Jongh
  2. Creative director
  3. +31 6 27 27 37 88

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