27 Oct 2014 Working on our first Kickstarter adventure

These days we are not much fun at parties. When people ask us what we are working on we have to be so vague that it’s more fun to talk about the weather. But there are some things that we can talk about… vaguely.

The awesome news is that we’ve joined forces with the guys from Studio diip and Don Molenaar to create and launch our very first connected device. It all started with a brilliantly simple idea from Guust (Studio Diip), resulted in several evenings with pizza and a handshake. The past period we’ve spend most of our time on further developing the concept, branding and design of the device and it’s UI. Sophia created multiple paper prototypes and right now we are waiting for the first plastic models to arrive.

The idea is to launch our project via Kickstarter. We’ve analyzed many different successful and unsuccessful projects, are calculating the best price (with the brainpower of Don Molenaar) and are diving in the world of perks. All in all it is quite exciting to launch a physical product that the community will judge openly.

Our current aim is to launch in January 2015. And yes, I will slowly share more on what the product is actually about!

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