31 Aug 2015 Working on Mazda’s new car configurator

Yay! We can finally announce a new client of ours: Mazda! Yes, the car manufacturer that is winning one design award after another with their beautiful new 2015 models!

Earlier this year our friends from Q42 and us won the pitch to reimagine and redesign the Mazda car configurator. This was a very cool moment for us. So after a proper preparation period we’ve started the scrum project (last week).

Together with Mazda Netherlands and Q42 we are, in a series of sprints, going to completely redesign the customer experience of the car configurator. Prior to the sprints we (Q42 and us) have done extensive user and technical research to explore the feasibility of the project. After this the preparations for the project started and now we are on a roll!

As you can imagine we can’t share any insights on the project itself, but here are some photos of the scrum room at Q42 in The Hague.