25 Jan 2016 We are moving to Rotterdam!

Wow. What? Yes, it’s true! At the end of February we will move to our new office in Rotterdam. I know what you are thinking: we just moved into our Breda office 1,5 years ago. We were very happy with our space, but at the same time we’ve grown from three people to the team of seven that we will soon have. So it was time to go for a new office that will give us some room to grow.

Downtown Rotterdam

When we decided to move to another office we almost immediately fell in love with the idea of moving to Rotterdam. Almost half our team lives in Amsterdam or Rotterdam, so it’s a definite improvement on travel time for most of us. Besides that we simply love the energy that Rotterdam has. It is a vibrant modern city which has been moving forward steadily on many fronts, from architecture to cultural life and the growth of the design scene. We would love to become a part of this.

For some time we visited different spots in the city to see where we wanted to plant our new roots. It soon became clear to us that, just like our current Breda office, we love to be in the center of everything. So we looked for an office space in the city center of Rotterdam and finally found an awesome spot: Westewagenstraat 60.



Big plans

We’ve got big plans for the new office, but most of this you’ll notice over time. Right now the office is being made ready for our arrival. We’ve teamed up with the talented Hanna Maring, who helped us manage the project and design a work space we love to be in.

More news as soon as we’ve moved in! Oh and we’ve got a roof terrace for Friday afternoon drinks. Yes, that was an invite. Just look at the view below…


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