05 Jun 2015 Waiting for our first smart pants by project Jaquard

The partnership between Levi’s and Google’s project Jacquard is makes us anticipate interactive pants in stores hopefully very, very soon.

“We can weave multitouch textile sensors. We can weave multitouch panelsmade of silk, wool, cotton or other materials that are as flexible, colourful and tactile  that are like any other textile. We can weave interactive input devices.”

And just in case you are curious about what went on in my brain once I saw this video, here it comes: Wearable technology? I’m listening! Highly interactive textiles? Sounds awesome! A mass producible, production friendly, extremely powerful new kind of conductive yarn? Please, tell me more!

On that note, I haven’t been able to find much more details or hints on what kind of interactive Levi’s we can expect to appear in stores. But the fact that they developed this new fiber in collaboration with the textile industry makes me expect a whole new range of experiments on the field of smart clothing.

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