02 May 2014 Visiting the Graphic Design Festival in Breda

Once a year the city of Breda hosts the Graphic Design Festival Breda, an event which explores current developments in the field of graphic visual culture. Last week Frederique visited the Resolute – design changes exhibition during this event.


“The development of graphic design used to be shaped by the forces in power; like religion, politics and money. Man’s natural ability to interpret visual messages was exploited. Driven by technological inventions an innovative race in communication emerged, propelling graphic designers as important influencers of man’s behaviour and opinions. Now existing structures are being questioned more then ever, it seems like other forces are shaping graphic design. A counter reaction submerges, allowing graphic designers to take up their social responsibility in connecting ideas, information and people.”

The exhibition was parted into three chapters.

Revolt – notion by confrontation

Revolt – notion by confrontation shows how designers are trying to confront their audiences by mixing fiction and reality into a clear statement. By doing so they hope to start the debate about certain topics by making them noticeable for the audience.


Christopher Hope & Kenji Nakayama hand painted homeless people new versions of their own signs. In this way homeless people become more noticeable and this allows the audience to think and talk about the deeper social roots of homelessness and poverty.

Review – grip by information

The chapter Review – grip by information shows work of designers who desire transparency and openness. They show this by making work based on independent information and research. Their aim is to help the audience understand the core of issues and options around us. Complicated topics become something that anyone can understand.


Artus Beifuss & Francesco Trivini Bellini made a book about terrorist branding. Terrorist use their branding in the same way as most other organizations do. This book covers branding in a way it’s never covered before. In a way it shows that terrorist are just people, like you and me.

Refresh – affect by motivation

In the last character Refresh – affect by motivation designers aim to give the audience tools for immediate action. They connect the audience, and give them a way for distributing a shared thought or attitude in a way that a difference can be made. The designer helps stories to be told and even help people to start their revolutions.


Next Nature inspired a debate on the future of our foods and the way we produce meat right now. Through a cookbook about in vitro meat they showed us what can happen, and what is happening right now with our loved cows/steaks. The cookbook features funny and thought provoking recipes that allow readers to think about the future of foods in a light and non-dramatic way.

You can still get inspired by the exhibition at MOTI until the 30th of june. Don’t miss it!

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