10 Nov 2014 Visiting Stockholm and teaching at Hyper Island

Recently I flew to Stockholm, Sweden. On the one hand it was an opportunity to do a workshop for Hyper Island students, but at the same time a chance to visit friends and companies. The trip started with a visit to the Vasa with my local friend Lennart Anderson from Veryday. What an impressive ship. If you ever go to Stockholm you must not miss it. Promise me! Working with students is something I really love doing. It’s an opportunity to share knowledge, but also a way to get a lot of energy and new knowledge in return. And within our field the students at Hyper Island hold an extra special place, because they are among the most talented in their field. So it was a great moment for me when I was asked to organize a workshop for them in Stockholm. The workshop I gave focused on pitching ideas, which ranges from grasping the core of an idea to understanding who you need to convince and how to do that. The Hyper Island students were great. When you walk into their work space you feel the energy and free spirit, which is awesome. They were also very keen on learning and translating the knowledge in their current projects. Great energy and I’m looking forward to come back. Oh, and they have this simple rule: when you want them to listen you raise your hand and everybody who sees it raises their hands as well and becomes silent. It was very cool to see how this simple social rule really helped to create direct focus. After the workshop Lennart (who coordinated the Hyper Island workshops) invited me to a visit of the Veryday office. The office is located in an old wooden church, which makes you jealous :) And entering the building and seeing all the products and awards makes one jealous. After this I had a meeting at the head office of Björn Borg, which is situated in a great building in the city centre. There I finally got a chance to present the strategic concept we developed for them one on one. It was a great meeting and as soon as we are moving to the next phase I’ll let you know :) The day was concluded with a visit to my friend Rahul Sen at the Spotify office. Very nice place with, of course, a music stage… and like any startup an endless supply of healthy food and drinks. Great trip in a very nice city.

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