14 Aug 2015 The next generation of toys is smart

Slowly but steadily a new generation of toys is emerging: smart toys. They are not just interactive toys that make funny sounds or project nice colors, but actually learn from and respond to a child’s behavior.

The interesting thing about this new generation of toys is that, though they are filled with smart technology, they all try to appear like non-digital and even classical toys. Where adults fill their lives with technology we want our kids to grow up in the ‘simple world’ we used to grow up in. It’s interesting to see how we perceive technology.

Here are some examples.


Avakai are play companions that encourage screen-free play and emotive communication. The lovingly crafted, durable and locally sourced wooden figurines use Bluetooth technology, bridging the gap between traditional toys and mobile devices. Avakai superpowers inspire imaginative and social activities for kids, together with their families and friends.

The technology inside Avakai allows it to sense proximity, touch and movement, reacting with sounds, colored light and haptic feedback. The Avakai work best in pairs, but even with one figurine kids c