19 Aug 2015 The digital necklace that makes medical history wearable

Many parents in third world countries are uneducated and thus find it difficult to see the importance of good vaccination for their children. At the same time the health care is spread out and information sharing is very difficult. This combination causes a children to get unnecessarily sick and sometimes even die. Khushi Baby is a beautifully simple concept that tries to solve this problem.

Health care meets cloud computing

The team behind Khushi Baby created a service that integrates “mobile health, wearable NFC technology and cloud computing to produce a complete platform to bridge the world’s vaccination gap.” The children themselves get a very durable and waterproof necklace with data that, when read with a mobile app by a health worker, unlocks the dossier of this kid. With this information the health worker can decide how to act and take action, after which he updates the dossier.

“To track each child’s immunization to the last mile so that 1.5 million children do not continue to die from vaccine-preventable disease every year.” – Khushi Baby’s mission

The great thing about this concept is that it is simple and effective. Of course it will take time to spread the necklaces and it takes health organizations to support the idea, but overall it seems very feasible. At this point the team is already working together with organizations in India to spread the necklace. You can support them by donating money for phones or necklaces, just like we just did.