22 Sep 2014 Studio update: parties, interns and lunch

First of all: we had a small party when we suddenly realized that Oak & Morrow already exists one year! Time is flying when you are having fun. We are still planning our opening party, which already was rebranded to a party to celebrate our new office and can now be rebranded to a 1-year anniversary party. By the time we have the party organized it’s theme will probably be: The-party-to-celebrate-that-we-finally-have-a-party.

Jens started his internship

Last week Jens joined our studio for a 6-month internship. His

Good lunch, every day

Since Sophia joined the studio we have become much healthier. All of a sudden our refrigerator is filled with all sorts of healthy food, ranging from hummus to fresh vegetables. Her love for German bread has made us realize that bread can also be used as stones. But the best thing is that almost every day we have fresh salad!