29 May 2015 Store your museum memories with this pen

The Cooper Hewitt design museum in New York City has a new gadget. It’s a pen. And no, it is not just one more fancy design pen for scribbling and sketching your museum inspiration in your favorite notebook. This pen is something else entirely. Maybe the term ‘interactive memory device’ would be a better description for it.

You receive a pen with your ticket and off you go exploring the exhibition. See something you like or want to remember later? Simply hold the pen to the description text and it will save all relevant information for you including images of the pieces on display. No need to take notes or take images with your phone – the pen collects it all. In addition to that the museum has set up several interactive tables on which you can draw and design basic shapes. During my last visit you could play around with a simplified version of a 3d program. Draw a shape, extrude, turn, twist, assign it a material and render all in seconds. Within minutes you could have designed a chair. To be honest a rather simple one but still it sure is a lot of fun.

You can then later review your personal collection and creations of that day online via the URL printed on your ticket.


Now if only all other museums could integrate this pen into their exhibitions, we could keep building a personalized collection online. That would be a bright future for digital art collectors.

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