14 Sep 2017 Spreeuw Centraal

Spreeuw Centraal - Picture 1

Let’s rewind a couple of years… Kees Moeliker (director of Natuurhistorisch Museum Rotterdam) is sitting on a bench on platform 9 of Rotterdam Central Station. Looking down on his cellphone, he hears the train doors opening. Convinced the train has arrived he stands up and walks towards the tracks — only to find out his train didn’t arrive at all!

That’s when Kees realized he got fooled by a nifty starling, imitating the loud, distinct noise of train doors opening. It was the start of his idea to someday feature these fascinating creatures in an exhibition.

 Spreeuw Centraal - Picture 2

Years later, award-winning photographer Jasper Doest captured this story in a stunning photo series about starlings at Rotterdam Central Station. That’s when Kees connected the dots and asked us to design an exhibition around these photographs. You can visit the exhibition (called “Spreeuw Centraal: kijken door de lens van Jasper Doest”) until 25-02-2018 at Het Natuurhistorisch Museum Rotterdam.

The story begins by demonstrating the characteristic but ungraspable shapes created by starling