02 Jun 2015 Project Soli: hand gestures as input

One of the most interesting technologies at this year’s Google I/O is undoubtedly Project Soli; a powerful motion controller that changes the motions of your hand into input gestures.

With this motion controller your hand has become a very subtle input device, replacing buttons, touch screens, mouses, keyboards and everything else you can imagine. Rather than touching physical objects you now only have to make subtle hand gestures to control them.

If done right this creates a great chance to create interactive environments that can completely blend into our lives. Of course the project is still in its early stages and current input devices will not directly be replaces, but its good to see this step forwards. Right now the team behind Soli will focus on implementing it into smartwatches, probably in an attempt to boost the sales of Android watches. But after that: endless possibilities.

And of course we are going to try and get our hands on one a.s.a.p.!

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