12 May 2014 Products as the Market’s Prototypes in Crisp 03

Recently Jeroen was invited to write an article for Crisp Magazine. This issue “reflects on the role of prototyping and prototypes in design research” and within that focus Jeroen wrote an article called ‘Products as the Market’s Prototypes’ where he states that the time for mass field prototyping in connected product design will become the norm. Here is the first part of the article:

The stakes are high, the time pressure even higher. The period of endless exploration and iteration before product launch has ended, the constant state of improvement has begun. We are now entering a world where every interaction is feedback and each product a prototype.

Love for prototyping

Prototyping is a great way to learn how our designs hold up in the real world. By constantly improving and exploring we move towards the perfect design; the one we can put on the market and which survives for hundreds of years as an example of excquisit design in the MOMA. If you look on the web you instantly find stories of these perfect processes where design studios created hundreds of prototypes that helped them build their award winning products. But in a world where products and markets become more complex things are changing. The time to market has shortened tremendously and the ways people interact with products is changing at an even higher rate. We can do endless research and extensive prototyping, but we can also use the market itself to help improve our products, shifting our relationship with the people interacting with our products.

You can read the entire article via ISSUU.



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