15 Jul 2015 Photo session for Van Oers

Lately we have been busy helping Van Oers (accountancy company) with the strategy, concept and design of their online recruitment activities. Right now we are finishing the design of their upcoming website. And to give people an idea of who they can be working for and with we added a series of portraits to the website.

As we always love working together with other people we involved photographer Alexander to do the photography. Here you see him at work:

We are quite happy with the result and look forward to showing it to you, but for now we can only give you this sneak preview:IMG-20150715-WA0001

Not only are we proud of this part, but the complete process has been a bliss. It’s been a really nice process where we had an open conversation with the client from day one, with a clear overview of the budget and the goals they wanted to reach. Together with Van Oers we looked into the steps and people who needed to be involved to reach the best result. Right now our friend Leroy de Rouwe is already busy bringing the site to life and it probably won’t be long before we are able to share it in our portfolio.

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