26 Oct 2014 One day at the Dutch Design Week

Dutch Design Week is an annual event taking place in the city of Eindhoven. With an ever growing number of venues spreading across town you could easily spend a week visiting different exhibitions. Although you can catch a (free) design taxi to get from one place to the next we decided on a more central route with venues in walking distance. With only one day time we hit the ground running to get the most out of our day in Eindhoven.

We started at the Dutch Invertuals exhibition situated close to the train station. The chosen pieces as well as their form of display are carefully curated to create a different atmosphere within this bright industrial space. With nearly all pieces hanging from the ceiling or floating in the room the common thread of this collection was once again nicely presented: experiment is principal.

Modebelofte 2014

Next stop: Stratumseind. The party street of town filled with bars and clubs was a new and unusual location even for this event. Inside an empty nightclub the Modebelofte 2014 exhibition named Seductive Precursor showcases experimental garments made by fashion graduates. Even if you are not the biggest fan of experimental fashion this place is worth a visit. A strange kind of oasis in the middle of town painted completely black with neon lights highlighting the mannequins. The floor is covered in marble pebbles and palm trees stand between the mannequins that all took an unnatural pose.

Exhibition Sense Nonsense on display

Around the corner is the city’s renowned van Abbemuseum with the exhibition Sense Nonsense on display during the Dutch Design Week. As the program states the exhibition explores connections and relations of sense and nonsense, sanity and insanity in innovation just as much as the line between the ridiculous and the absurd. In case you are expecting to have some serious fun at the museum by now you won’t be disappointed. To give you an idea here our favourite (non) sense projects:


Each year new initiatives get tested during Dutch Design Week

Each year new initiatives get tested during Dutch Design Week and if they do well some start to transition from a temporary pop-up show into a all-year-long platform. Out of the yearly pop-up exhibition eat drink design emerged the concept for Kazerne, a new platform and home for art and design. Located in the city center inside the former military police barracks and adjoining warehouse the restaurant and galleries first opened during design week last year. From 1st october this year the new podium for the creative industries will be open permanently.

the Graduation Show

The last exhibition on our list was the Graduation Show of the Design Academy located as always inside the school building itself, the Witte Dame. This place is filled with projects of different design disciplines. No matter if you are a material enthusiasts, critical thinkers or pure fun seeker you can definetly find new ideas here:

Before we knew it doors were closing at the Design Academy and our day at the Dutch Design Week coming to an end.

Dutch Design Week ended on Sunday 26th of October. The exhibition Sense Nonsense at the van Abbemusum will be running until 9th of November.

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