20 Feb 2015 Nerve-racking times

You might have heard of our latest project: Beam. In case you are wondering now what the heck we are talking about you can check out the full story on kickstarter. Prepare yourself to see one real nice product though. Nope, we are not even trying to hide how proud we are of this one.

And at this point also a big shout-out to our friends, collaborators & fellow Beam creators: Thomas de Wolf, Guust Hilte of Studio Diip and Don Molenar. Guys, this has been one fruitful experience and we are looking very much forward to the road ahead.

We started our kickstarter campaign on tuesday afternoon.  After months of hard work and many extra hours we were finally ready to press that ‘go live’ button and present Beam to the world. Since this is our very first kickstarter campaign we didn’t know what to expect. Would this become a sleeper or take off within the first couple of hours?

What did happen is something we couldn’t have imagined in our wildest dreams. Within only three short days our project is fully funded!! A huge ‘Thank you!’ to everybody who supports and believes in Beam – you are incredible!

Yeah for Kickstarter

Here at the studio everybody is floating between feeling nervous, ecstatic, anxious, disbelief, happy and a general difficulty to focus. Believe us when we say being a kickstarter virgin is a nerve-racking roller coaster but it’s so damm worth it!

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