11 May 2015 Moving from motoring to mobility

Last week we posted an article about Audi unite, where we talked about the shift from owning a car to sharing a car. Today I came across a great FastCompany article from John Edson who explains his views on this shift, he explains why the future of cars is about experience versus ownership.

“Did you know [..] that starting in 2006, annual miles driven in the U.S. have dropped year over year? We are now at 1996 levels. Telecommuting, Internet shopping, higher gas prices, car sharing, and urbanization mean that we need fewer cars, and of course, fewer dealerships. [..] From where I sit, three major shifts will move the car from a depreciating asset that every family owns to a mesh of hardware, software, and services that meet our transportation needs in a multidimensional way that destroys our assumptions of what a car is.”

John Edson describes these three shifts, of which I find these two the most interesting:

The shift to social

“…before long, cars will be able to pilot themselves, at least for part of the drive. [..] And when they do, the first difference will be that we can be better connected during our transit. We’ll fill the time with more phone calls, with more texting, with more social media, with more email.”

The shift to mobility

“The trend is not good for car makers: fewer miles driven, more urban living, car sharing on the rise, digitally empowered services like Uber and Lyft. To survive, car brands must use the new technologies and social trends to transform themselves into service companies that provide mobility to their customers, rather than just cars.”

Read the entire article on FastCompany.

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