08 May 2015 Moff turns everything you touch into a toy

Remember how, as a child, you could turn the world into a playground and change every object around you in something magical? Sticks became swords, trees castles and the only limitation was your own imagination. In Japan they took it one step further and created a wristband called Moff that can change every movement you make and ever thing you hold into something magical.

The video is pretty cheesy, but the idea behind Moff is great. I would have loved to have a wristband like this. There are currently 23 different types of sound effects, ranging from drums, and tennis to sword fighting, cooking and gun sounds. It’s a great way to get kids away from their tablets again.

I can already imagine all kinds of next steps. Wouldn’t it be great if the Moff’s could interact with each other so you can create multiplayer games. Or that it would interact based upon its location, enabling different sounds on different places. In that case it can be used to explore a zoo or museum.

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