02 Mar 2015 Making of: A wired book

Today we proudly present the full backstory of creating one of the 12 ADCN yearbook covers. In case you have no clue what we are talking about right now, we highly recommend you check out the finished project over here.

Let’s just say we had a very ambitious idea that would involve several people. With a very tight deadline at hand we embarked on an exciting journey.

Our plan to create a book that can change it’s cover – based on it being used or not – involved several technical aspects to come together. We opted for the use of thermal ink in the cover to enable the two different states. Our idea to print a black thermal ink layer on top of the illustration layer turned out to be more tricky to realise than anticipated. Ideally both layers are offset printed which for only four pages is pretty ridiculous to do. Digital printing the colored illustration layer and then offset printing the thermal ink on top turned out to be a risky but possible option. Since each printing technique has it’s own surface tension the thermal ink is less likely to ‘stick’ to the first layer.*