02 Feb 2016 Making a TV commercial for Futurumshop

Work should feel like a hobby. And I (Jeroen) am very fortunate in having a job that I absolutely love. But it is even cooler when I can combine my job with my favorite hobby: cycling. So you can imagine how cool it was when we got the chance to work on several TV commercials for Futurumshop. And to make it even cooler we got the possibility to shoot one of them with Bram Tankink from team Lotto Jumbo. *enthusiastic shout*

So after creating story boards and scripts we, together with our friends from VLA films, went to Limburg (a province in both The Netherlands and Belgium) to shoot the footage. We were very fortunate with the weather, because it was a dry day with loads of clouds and wind. (I do realize this sounds like pretty shitty weather but believe me this was exactly what we were hoping for.)

We are looking back on a great day of fun and are now preparing the material for the TV commercial. You can see the result in April during some of the Flanders Classics.

futurumshop-02Bram had to climb and descend several times. While this gave us good shots he also got a chance to train a bit :)

futurumshop-01Checking out the results with the team.

futurumshop-03How awesome is this? While preparing for another shot Tom Dumoulin suddenly shows up to say hi to Bram. And yes, I stayed professional and didn’t scream like a fan boy!

futurumshop-04And it’s a wrap! Or a cake, however you want to interpret this picture ;)

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