14 Jun 2016 Learning about nature through Speurkaart.nl

One of the best ways to teach kids something is to make things fun and adventurous. That’s why some years ago I (Jeroen) started drawing ‘speurkaarten’ (exploration maps) for my kids; filled with animals, plants and other natural stuff they had to find. And now we’ve turned this idea into a website.

Teaching the kids

Some years ago my wife and I decided to move from the big city of Rotterdam to a small town next to a beautiful forest. One of the reasons was that we wanted our kids to grow up in a relaxed environment with lots of nature. Every time I wanted to take my kids into the forest I tried to learn them stuff about animals, plants, trees, etc. And I found out that the best way to do this was to give them challenges where they had to find all kinds of stuff I drew for them, from a certain leaf to a rabbit hole or a specific tree. Over time my kids have learned more and more about nature. And right now especially my oldest one (6 years) really knows quite a lot of stuff about it.

The birth of Speurkaart.nl

So after this the idea of Speurkaart.nl was born, with the purpose to make it easy for every (grand)parent to create exploration maps for their kids. So I called two friends of our studio to help us out: Roel to create the beautiful illustrations and Leroy to make the website work. We are now in the first phase, where we have only focused on the forest (and a select set of objects). But we are planning to expand the number of objects and areas (city and beach) in the future! Depending on the season and level that you set you can get different animals, plants or objects to find. If you don’t like the results you can switch them around until you have the perfect exploration map. After this it’s easy to download it as a PDF and print it out. So go explore speurkaart.nl (it’s in Dutch).

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