Graphic designer Valérie van Gerven

09 Sep 2015 Introducing: Valérie

Drumroll please! We are proud to introduce you to our newest member of the team. After graduating at the Willem de Koning Academy in Rotterdam just a month ago Valérie joined us in the first week of August. Since we are a curious bunch we seized the opportunity to ask Valerie a few of those pressing questions.

1. Can you draw a little background picture for us and describe your path to Oak & Morrow?

I have been studying in the graphic design-field for eight years straight. I started out at Sint Lucas in Boxtel and by the time I finished I knew I wasn’t done with studying yet. So I went to WDKA, in Rotterdam. I felt that going to an art academy would be good for me as a designer but also as a person. I’m really glad I did it. In my third year at WDKA I was doing my internships. First at George & Harrison in Eindhoven and later at Glamcult Studio. I kept in touch with the guys at George & Harrison and a little while ago they told me there was a job opening at Oak & Morrow. I was in the middle of graduating at WDKA but decided to send an application anyway because I really liked the studio. Two days later I met up with Marten en Jeroen and now I’m here :) I graduated just 4 weeks ago, with a project that is very different from the kind of stuff I usually work on. I build an interactive installation and took a bit of a risk since it was my first time ever doing something with Arduino and code, but hey, it worked out and looking back I really liked how I pushed my own limits with this project.

IMG_3494 copy
A small piece of the ‘Reveal’ installation (graduation project), the button activates the installation.

Work in proces: Testing the code on the Arduino and the hardware that controls the lights.

2. What type of project gets you jumping in excitement?

Pfoe! That depends, I love it when a project pushes you to explore new things and is challenging in both concept and execution. But I’m also a bit traditional, a print lover at heart. I love searching for that perfect paper and printing technique to make a project shine to the fullest!

3. Where do you get your inspirations from?

All kinds of stuff. Colours and patterns I see on the street, films and documentaries but off course also online. I like websites such as haw-lin, itsnicethat and baubauhaus. To clear my head, I go to the gym and work out to really loud music.

Redesign of ‘A technique for dealing with artists’, a booklet about artists and the role of design in the future.

4. Can you share something with us that inspired you lately?

Well I just graduated and I loved seeing everyones projects. It’s nice to see how so many people take on a completely different approach. A group of fellow students started a project about fruit-waste and made it into leather, now they get featured on many different platforms, which is nice to see! Also I was recently fascinated by a series of documentaries about master chef’s, called ‘Chefs Table’. Besides the fact that I love good food and was getting hungry even watching it, I felt like there are a lot of similarities between their discipline and that of a designer/artist. Nice to watch on a lazy Friday night (make sure you have some nice snacks while watching)!

Book design for the filmscript of the film 2001: A space odyssey by Stanley Kubrick.

5. And last but not least the most important question of all: What is your favourite kind of ice-cream?

Definitely cocos! And kinderbueno – aaaargh I can’t really choose between those two.

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