02 Jul 2015 Introducing Subiet: our public transport app

Yay! We did it! We launched Subiet! Almost five years ago I (Jeroen) came up with the idea for a public transport app focused on experienced travellers. During a w00tcamp event (Q42‘s coding weekend fest) we even managed to create a working prototype. But now we finally finished version 1.0, and it is waiting for you in the app store!


So what is it?

If you travel every day with public transport you know the drill. Without thinking you go to the right platform, jump on the correct train and know you can make that change between trains nobody else can make. Especially for you we created Subiet. Subiet is a public transport app for experienced travellers. You can easily create an overview of your regular routes. It will display the first possible trip on the overview page and alternative times on the detail pages. If you want you can connect multiple lines and add your own walking time in between, just do it. You are the expert.

Created with friends

Coming up with an idea is one thing, but thinking it through and making it work smoothly is another. With Subiet we teamed up with our friends at Q42. Through good discussions, stubbornness and a lot of fun we together pushed it from just an idea to v1.0. Right now Subiet is freely available for iOS. Go get it in the App store and let us know what you think of it.

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