21 Mar 2016 How architecture firm BIG dares to dream… big

BIG is a Danish architecture firm that dares to break out of the status quo. They come up with beautiful buildings that don’t just look good, but also facilitate new experiences.

In an article on FastCompany they dived into BIG’s world:

“How do you turn dreams into reality? Make it your business, say Bjarke Ingels and Jakob Lange of the architecture firm BIG.”

“One way BIG Ideas informs that design process is by closing the gap between architect and outside specialist. BIG projects fire on so many levels. They are high tech, yet human-centered. They are striking yet environmentally sound. They are intricate puzzles requiring lots of collaboration. “Both engineers and architects talk about how engineers should help inform the building design in the early stages, but the problem is, we don’t sit in the same office space and often the engineers are singular specialists,” Lange says. “So you call a daylight specialist, and then you call an acoustic specialist. But now, we are educating the people we hire internally at BIG ideas to handle these questions. We’re trying to sync this up more.” It’s also about speed, Lange says. “When we collaborate in this way, we can deliver results that the design teams can use, and we can react and act faster.”

One of the projects they created was a steam ring generator for one of the cleanest power plants in the world. To make it a reality they started a Kickstarter campaign and succeeded in getting the funding.


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