26 Aug 2015 Greetings from Curaçao

These past couple of days Marten and I spent on the beautiful caribbean island Curaçao. We went there to work on a project and had an amazing time in Curacao. But let’s start from the beginning… 333 After a very long flight we arrived with big expectations and even bigger curiosity for the days to come. I should mention at this point that our client is Cabana Beach, a beach club on Curaçao. Even at night the scenery looked very promising. After a well deserved drink at the bar we went to check out our Hotel and instead of two simple rooms we found an amazing apartment that came fully equipped with a living room sized balcony. Now that’s what we call a very pleasant surprise! IMG_2769 After a total of 28 hours travel time from Amsterdam this was a great place to end up. The next morning we discussed our schedule for the upcoming days with the management of Cabana Beach. We strongly believe in working alongside our clients and not only value but often request their personal involvement in the projects. Especially in the service industry, wherein key players of a company can offer invaluable insights and shine a light onto the mechanisms and failure points of a current system, we want them to participate. At Cabana Beach everybody understood the importance of their involvement and greatly supported us with making appointments, organising meetings and setting up the interview schedule with their core team. IMG_2775 Rise up and shine! Enjoying the breakfast buffet at Cabana Beach. OAK_2270 During the day this place is nothing less than breathtaking. On day two we interviewed a long list of people working at Cabana Beach. Our schedule stretched over a complete day with 30 minutes in between each interview. But soon that schedule was overthrown and the interviews often times turned into interesting discussions and additional questions that expanded over the original timeframe. OAK_2276 Our third day was all about the workshop we held that day. After preparing the final things for the workshop in the morning we spent the afternoon with a group of key people in the Cabana office. IMG_2796 Equipped with a stack of post-it’s and a pen everybody went straight to work. IMG_2805 This is what it looks like if you cover a complete table with knowledge and ideas. We spent nearly every waking hour at Cabana Beach observing and analysing the place as well as jotting down notes and taking pictures. We did two complete walking rounds through Cabana Beach to expand our knowledge. With the first one we gained more insight into the history and idea behind Cabana Beach as well as a detailed explanation of the different areas and events. During our second tour we were guided through all service related places and structures that are currently being used. Our time there was filled with collecting a huge amount of input and ultimately a lot of work. But – to be honest – if work takes place in the shades of a palm tree with direct view on the ocean, it ain’t that bad at all. For now we are looking forward to continue working together with the team at Cabana beach. Because what we started here during this week is the kind of work that gets us jumping off our chairs and dizzy of excitement. To be continued. IMG_2883

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