08 Jun 2016 Get discounts by staying healthy

For a Dutch guy like me it’s pretty unbelievable, but in a lot of countries cycling isn’t something people tend to do very easily. So how do you motivate people to take the bike more in a country where biking isn’t the norm? The Colombian startup Biko came up with a pretty simple, but cool, idea.

“Biko taps into smartphones’ GPS capabilities to track the routes taken by bicyclists, and then converts distances traveled into ‘biko’ currency accepted by about 20 partners including Starbucks, Burger King and Taco Bell [..] Biko is also forging alliances with theaters and concerts to promote culture and provide people with improved access to venues and events”

“The app provides a social platform for riders to share information about their routes, such as areas monitored by police, safe spots to park bikes, potential hazards and streets to avoid.”

This is a pretty cool concept that has already proven itself in other countries in different setups. In the Netherlands for example people could collect points if they would go to work on their bike or take the car to work outside the rush hours. With these points they could get discounts or free products as well.

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