16 Jun 2015 Flying with the sun

On March 9 of this year a great adventure started: The first solar-powered flight around the world.

With 12 planned stopovers the Solar Impulse 2 aircraft attempts to complete the 35 000km journey around the world within five months. With over 17 000 solar cells spread out on its 72 meter wide wings the Solar Impulse 2 flies without a single drop of fuel. A plane powered by the sun.

A mission initiated by modern day adventurer Bertrand Piccard and former fighter pilot André Boschberg. Coming from a family of explorers Piccard got the idea for flying without fuel while completing the first circumnavigation of the world in a hot air balloon in 1999. (In case you got curious about his philosophy, balloon adventure, his family of explorers and how this mission started you’re in luck: he did a ted talk about this.)

By embarking on a seemingly impossible adventure around the world, their ambition is nothing less than changing the world with their trip. Or at least challenge current beliefs and conventions.