14 Jan 2015 Experimenting for the new ADCN yearbook cover

About a month ago I (Jeroen) got invited to design one of 12 covers for the Art Directors Club Netherlands (ADCN) yearbook. We took on the challenge as a team and are right now working on the creation of the cover. More information on the concept will follow after the covers have been presented to the public, but right now I can show you some work in progress.

The briefing: “Do you want to make a cover, as an inspiration for other creatives? That will wow and amaze them? The kind of cover that will travel the world as a picture, will live on every creative’s Pinterest board, will appear in any moodboard? A cover with technology inside, using technology or created by organising a group effort? Or turn a cover into a working pop-up store?”

With this in mind we created a concept with my favorite topics in mind: rhetoric and product personality. Three illustrators created beautiful illustrations and right now Taco (Q42) and Sophia are testing the interactive part.

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