21 Sep 2015 Dream Night

As you may know we spend about 25% of our time on Dream Projects (read our philosophy behind it). Every now and than we get together for one evening to eat good food and to push some of the projects further (conceptually and design-wise). We call these evenings Dream Nights.

Okay okay… every now and than is a bit an overstatement, because last week we organized our very first Dream Night. But you’ve got to have ambition, right? :) Currently we are working on about six different projects, ranging from a new fragrance concept to an app and a kids learning adventure. All these concepts are in different stadia.

Our team split up and worked on three different Dream Projects. We kicked off by recapping the ambition of each project and after that started our work on each of them. It was great fun and we will definitely do this again in the future.




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