11 Aug 2015 Download this motorbike

Meet Tinker: the downloadable, open source, no weld, DIY motorcycle kit. This modern day adaptation of the classic British cafe racer motorcycle is designed by graduate Jack Lennie.

Tinker aims to “breath a new lease of life into damaged motorcycles by re-framing existing engine and running gear.”

It can be manufactured using a variety of CAD/CAM machinery and will be available for download at the end of the year. Lennie won New Designer of the Year 2015 in London and the judges highlighted that

“his designs had a solution-driven aesthetic and the application of the concept could be far, far wider”.

And that is exactly what we are hoping for: creative solutions that can be downloaded worldwide and build by anybody, sounds awesome to us!

Just in case you’re wondering if you would be able to pull this off, Tinker is explicitly designed to be put together with “simple, non specialist tools”.

So yeah, you could totally do this at home!

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