22 Jan 2016 Coca-Cola subtly changes its brand focus

For the past seven years Coca-Cola has used ‘Open Happiness’ as its brand slogan. With this they tried to create a link between happiness and drinking Coke. This resulted in many interesting ads, ranging from full fledged crazy worlds in your vending machine to barbecues. Now recently the company announced that they will focus on a new slogan: ‘Taste the Feeling’.

The company is in all its communication clearly focused on the Innocent archetype and will stay there with the new slogan. At the same time they are refocusing from a generic focus towards a product specific focus. ‘Taste the Feeling’ is clearly about the drinks, which helps in the communication of the brand personality.

For some this doesn’t seem like a big change, but it is. In Adweek they asked some of the biggest branding experts what they thought.

“From outside the industry, you look at a shift