29 Feb 2016 Celebrating: The Mazda Car Configurator

Did you know that something very special happened just right before Christmas? For us it felt like an early present but with all that end of year work, the holidays and pretty intense start into the new year we didn’t get a chance to talk about it just yet…

The new and absolutely fantastic Mazda Car Configurator is live!

This project came together in weeks of intense and hard work alongside our dear friends from Q42 and our amazing client Mazda Motor Nederland. Working together with this group was an honour and a huge pleasure and we are very proud of the outcome.

It all started many months ago, when we pitched our vision for the next generation Car Configurator together with Q42. We envisioned an extremely versatile and flexible Configurator which you can access through several points.


Depending on where you stand in the process of selecting a new car (from a wild thought to seriously considering to buy one) the site presents a different way of informing yourself about the cars. You can filter based on you personal preferences to narrow down your selection from budget, size or fuel consumption to towbar, rims or lining. You can also compare different cars with each other. And we promise this compare site doesn’t drown you in details you cannot compare (we all know those…) but instead offers a clean list with the most relevant information.


We want you to fall in love with the car you are configurating. Instead of showing you all the options all the time we want to emphasize the qualities this car already has. You can upgrade if you want a specific feature or add features at additional costs but you don’t have to. With the price always in sight and a clearly structured summary at the end you can always stay on top of your choices.

I could continue talking about the Car Configurator for days and explain you how we gave the pages secret code names that sounded like superheros. But that is a story for another day and shall remain secret for now…

A huge thank you for all the moments of laughter, solution searching, intense discussions, professional talent, creative sparks and overall hard work of the complete team at Q42 and Mazda! And now is the moment you should click through and have a look for yourself.

Statistical measurements let us to believe that you will enjoy the new Mazda Car Configurator just as much as we did enjoy the making. In January the conversion rates were already 71% higher compared to the old Car Configurator!!!

By the way: Still remember our behind the scenes update?

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