24 Mar 2016 Brixo: Next level building blocks

Remember the design classic we all played with (and some of us still do so today) back in the day? Functionality in design at it’s best! And at it’s core simplicity in design from squared to rectangular. Can you already guess what I am talking about?


Besides all the additional shapes and colours that became part of the LEGO family over the years there is a new shiny looking player on kickstarter right now: Brixo blocks!

“BRIXO blocks are chrome-coated building blocks that act as electric conductors. They interlock to produce complete simple circuits with no wires involved, adding lights, motion and sound to any construction. The blocks are powered by a low voltage built-in battery and coated in chrome, a non-toxic metal, to ensure your safety. BRIXO include LED lights, motor blocks and even sound, light and proximity sensors. And all are fully compatible with standard building blocks.”

We are certainly not the only ones who got overly excited about this project. After launching their kickstarter campaign two days ago, they have already reached their goal by yesterday. Pretty cool. Which gives you all another 48 days to think which kit fits your needs best: Maker or Mad Scientist?


In case you are still in doubt Co Founder Boaz Almog answered all relevant and irrelevant questions on reddit. And now go on and get yourself some smart building blocks.