26 Jun 2015 Bringing joy to Monday

Some things just got a bad reputation, Monday is one of them. Trying to make Monday more of a popular guy among the other days of the week? Sounds like a rather difficult thing to do. After all Monday will always be the day after sunday. Yeah right! How are you going to beat that one? Lucky for Monday, the smart people at IDEO decided to take on this design challenge.

“The goal: turn much-dreaded Mondays into wahoo-worthy Monyays!”


Lolzz. A new clock that opens your eyes to joy.”

An alarm clock that giggles with the delightful laughter of a 5 year old girl, all while rocking back and forth in delight. There are few sounds in the world as joyful than laughter. It’s contagious: while listening our brains unconsciously respond with firing up neurons that prepare us to smile.


Notifly. Finding joy in the everyday.”

Combined with the calendar app PopUp this device brings joy to those appointment filled Mondays. By emphasising the joyful parts of your calendar it let’s you know when to be excited about that new person you are about to meet. Instead of beeping and blinking at you aggressively Notifly blows up a bubble to let you know.

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