02 Mar 2016 Beam wins iF product design award

Last Friday Beam, the smart projector, has been awarded a prestigious iF product design award. You can imagine how happy we are with this news.

The iF awards are an internationally established design price acknowledging outstanding design achievements and excellent design. There is an independent jury of industry experts from all over the world who evaluate the products on asp beam-if

The internationally established design prize is a well-known distinction for quality & design. It represents excellent design and outstanding design achievements. The jury of independent industry experts from all over the world evaluate products against the highest standards for aspects such as choice of materials, safety, functionality, intuitiveness, environmental impact, visualization of intended use and brand value.

Beam is the first connected product of Beam Labs, a company we co-founded in 2015. We were responsible for the product, brand and interface design. Even though we have extensive experience this was still the first mass-produced product we designed, so it is extra cool that it won an award. We love designing both digital and physical experiences and hope that Beam is just the starting point of a new adventure.

Beam was created in collaboration with the guys from Studio diip and Miller Dev and is a beautiful example of how multiple disciplines can together create awesomeness.

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