06 May 2015 Audi unite: car sharing experience

Audi has started a collaborative car initiative in Stockholm called Audi unite. It enables up to five people to share an Audi.

It’s great to see that a big car brand is itself initiating an idea like this. The use of cars is changing rapidly, especially amongst young people living in urban areas. Owning a car is not a goal anymore. Private lease is slowly becoming more popular and sharing products is also on the rise. With this concept you only pay for the driving costs and you divide the maintenance and production costs.

They’ve designed Audi unite as a full experience, including an app that functions as your digital dashboard, “so you can connect with your Audi on-the go. Reserve the vehicle, see the car’s location and check fuel levels.” You’ll also get a beacon that functions as “your personal ID and electronic record of your car’s usage.”

I love it and can’t wait for it to arrive here.

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