24 Mar 2014 An African adventure with an African venture

One of the goals we have with the studio is to design products and services that have a positive impact on people’s lives. Our first step was the creation of ‘Het verhaal van Peter‘, creating awareness around the personal budget. But right now we are in the middle of an adventure of a lifetime: to design a new service that impacts the lives of millions of Africans across the continent.

Together with the awesome developers of Q42, the people of eVA fund and Umuntu Media I am in Africa right now. Our goal these seven days is two-fold. First we are doing research on how Africans use mobile phones, share information, what their motivations and to get a general feeling of Africa.. And secondly we are working with the team on a first concept.

Kibera, the slum with entrepeneurs

The place that made the biggest impact on me was Kibera, the biggest slum of Africa. There are estimations that 1.5 million people live in this slum, under the worst conditions possible. And still 80% of the people there have a mobile phone, because it is an essential part of life.

It is wonderful to see the still very positive vibe people there had. We were introduced to several Kibera entrepeneurs who were trying to make a living for themselves and created very good services and products. One of our team members even said he saw more people smiling here in one hour than in an entire month in Amsterdam, so true. During this visit we had the opportunity to meet the great people behind The Youth Banner, an organization that tries (and succeeds) to turn young slum inhabitants into successful entrepeneurs. So inspiring!

In the next months you will definitely hear more on our project.


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