22 Jul 2015 A very personal book

Lost my name was founded by three dads and one uncle who took it upon themselves to create a highly personalised book for children. The outcome is nothing short of amazing.

“Lost my name creates magical, personalised entertainment for kids, helping them to become curious, courageous and kind.”

The story about a boy/girl that lost his/her name is told in very different ways depending on what kind of name one is looking for. While searching for the lost name the reader is taken on a journey through beautifully illustrated pages. If you are looking for a C you are likely to run into a crazy chameleon, when in need of a L you probably make acquaintances with the lonely lion and if the name you are trying to find contains a Z the book will happily introduce you to the indecisive Zebra. At the end all letters collected throughout the book will come together and form the lost name: the name of your child.