01 Dec 2014 36 hours of w00tcamp

Once a year our friends at Q42 organize w00tcamp, a 36-hour maker fest. This year 19 teams tried to make their dreams come true. People worked on space balloons, 3D games, robot arms and so on. Our team’s project was The Connected Pop-up Book. The goal of our project was to give dads super storytelling powers: while going through the book you hear sounds in the room, lights change color and even wind and bubbles can be triggered. While turning a page the room suddenly changes into a fantastic bathroom filled with bubbles or in a windy and stormy attic. Within pages we created extra triggers to change effects. We had great fun with the rest of the team (Taco, Chris, Bob, Tomas and Hidde) and you’ll definitely will hear more about this in the future! Here are some pictures of the team and the prototype: