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26 Apr 2017   Studio life

Milan Design Week 2017

Every year in april designers and design aficionados travel to Milan Design Week. Born in 1961 …

03 Oct 2016   Studio life

Introducing: Rinske

Tadaaaa, here’s our newest addition to the Oak & Morrow team; Rinske! As our first Office & Event Manager she is going to fix stuff, manage our social media and prepare tasteful lunches! Here’s where she answers our five questions so you can get to know her a bit.

12 Sep 2016   Studio life

Beam at Urban Outfitters

Do you love shopping at Urban Outfitters? Wait till you hear Beam’s news… Then you’re going to love it even more.

09 Sep 2016   Studio life

Introducing: Alicia

Here she is! Our new intern Alicia; all the way from Spain and Delft! We love her stories about Spanish habits, her grandmother and her parents’ cake bakery. Of course Alicia also couldn’t escape our curiosity and had to answer our 5 “-get to know you- questions”.

20 Jun 2016   Studio life

Beam wins Red Dot Design Award 2016

The Beam adventures continues. After winning the iF product design award we also got the news that Beam won a prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2016!

15 Jun 2016   Smart life

Experiencing the city in a new way

When you walk through a city you usually take very specific routes. But what if wayfinding could inspire you to take different routes every day, based upon your mood? Some teams around the world are experimenting with this as we speak.

14 Jun 2016   Themes

Learning about nature through Speurkaart.nl

One of the best ways to teach kids something is to make things fun and adventurous.

08 Jun 2016   Design for social good

Get discounts by staying healthy

How do you motivate people to take the bike more in a country where biking isn’t the norm? The Colombian startup Biko came up with a pretty simple, but cool, idea.

08 Apr 2016   Studio life

Back to high school

Over the last few years I’ve done quite a few scrum projects. I love the process and apparently I also talk about it to my non-work friends. Because some time ago a friend of mine, who is a high school teacher, asked me if I would be interested in giving a talk about scrum to her students. Of […]

31 Mar 2016   Touching the senses

The psychology of memory and recall

How memory works is one of the most interesting things to dive into. Trying to understand this can help us as designers in creating better solutions…

29 Mar 2016   Touching the senses

Holoportation: Microsoft’s newest gadget

Have you ever wanted to instantly visit another place on the planet? Or would you love to suddenly have a far away friend come and visit you? With Microsoft’s Hololens this is possible, thanks to Holoportation.

24 Mar 2016   Smart life

Brixo: Next level building blocks

Remember the design classic we all played with and some of us still do today? Functionality in design at it’s best! And at it’s core simplicity in design from squared to rectangular. Can you already guess what I am talking about?

21 Mar 2016   Touching the senses

How architecture firm BIG dares to dream… big

BIG is a Danish architecture firm that dares to break out of the status quo. They come up with beautiful buildings that don’t just look good, but also facilitate new experiences…

17 Mar 2016   Smart life

How to connect reality

Over the past year a lot has happened in the field that we call the Internet of Things. Therefore predicting that in the future everything will be connected isn’t really something new. In fact we have been talking about a connected future with…

15 Mar 2016   Playful learning

Cubetto is learning kids to program

It’s never too early to start learning how to program. This must have been one of the thoughts the team behind Cubetto, a coding toy to learn programming in a playful way, had when creating their product.

07 Mar 2016   Smart life

Recognizing objects by rhythm

In the video below Disney Research shows an experiment they’ve been doing around recognising objects by their unique rhythms…

02 Mar 2016   Studio life

Beam wins iF product design award

Last Friday Beam, the smart projector, has been awarded a prestigious iF product design award. You can imagine how happy we are with this news.

29 Feb 2016   Studio life

Celebrating: The Mazda Car Configurator

Did you know that something very special happened just right before Christmas? For us it felt like an early present but with all that end of year work, the holidays and pretty intense start into the new year we didn’t get a chance to talk about it just yet…

19 Feb 2016   Design for social good

Let me be your eyes

Sometimes you come across an idea that feels so simple in it’s core yet has the ability to change lives. The non-profit app Be My Eyes is such an idea…

12 Feb 2016   Playful learning

The everything machine

This one is a new personal favourite: the machine to build absolutely everything. An app that allows kids and curious adults to build anything from a color coded music machine to a voice disguiser or a cookie thief catcher. Sounds exciting, right?

02 Feb 2016   Studio life

Making a TV commercial for Futurumshop

Work should feel like a hobby. And I (Jeroen) am very fortunate in having a job that I absolutely love. But it is even cooler when I can combine my job with my favorite hobby: cycling.

27 Jan 2016   Studio life

Introducing: Esther

New year, new studio, new colleague!! Wait… actually our latest addition to the team has joined us about four months ago. But you know the saying “Time flies when you are having fun!” – so true in this case…

25 Jan 2016   Studio life

We are moving to Rotterdam!

Wow. What? Yes, it’s true! At the end of February we will move to our new office in Rotterdam. I know what you are thinking: we just moved into our Breda office 1,5 years ago…

22 Jan 2016   Brand personality

Coca-Cola subtly changes its brand focus

For the past seven years Coca-Cola has used ‘Open Happiness’ as its brand slogan. With this they tried to create a link between happiness and drinking Coke. This resulted in many interesting ads, …

09 Nov 2015   Studio life

Workshop at Hyper Island

Last week I flew to Stockholm to give a workshop at Hyper Island, one of the best post academic design schools in the world, to a group of about 50 students who are now in the middle of their UX course. My workshop focussed on discovering the core of your idea and how to discover whether it’s good or not.

27 Oct 2015   Studio life

Let the experiments begin!

Today our Ultimaker 2 arrived! And we know you all want to hear about this awesome news, because now we can start some cool new experiments. What shall we make? What shall we print first? Suggestions are welcome. Oh, and soon we have some more Ultimaker news to share with you. *exciting giggle*

21 Sep 2015   Studio life

Dream Night

Every now and than we get together for one evening to eat good food and to push some of the projects further (conceptually and design-wise). We call these evenings Dream Nights.

09 Sep 2015   Studio life

Introducing: Valérie

Drumroll please! We are proud to introduce you to our newest member of the team. After graduating at the Willem de Koning Academy in Rotterdam just a month ago Valérie joined us in the first week of August…

31 Aug 2015   Studio life

Working on Mazda’s new car configurator

Yay! We are working on Mazda’s next generation car configurator with our friends at Q42.

26 Aug 2015   Studio life

Greetings from Curaçao

These past couple of days Marten and I spent on the beautiful Caribbean island Curaçao. We went there to work on a project and had an amazing time in Curacao. But let’s start from the beginning…

19 Aug 2015   Design for social good

The digital necklace that makes medical history wearable

Many parents in third world countries are uneducated and thus find it difficult to see the importance of good vaccination for their children. Because of this many children die.

14 Aug 2015   Smart life

The next generation of toys is smart

Slowly but steadily a new generation of toys is emerging: smart toys. They are not just interactive toys that make funny sounds or project nice colors, but actually learn from and respond to a child’s behavior.

11 Aug 2015   Design for social good

Download this motorbike

Meet Tinker: the downloadable, open source, no weld, DIY motorcycle kit…

07 Aug 2015   Studio life

Summer in the studio

These past weeks have been filled with summer feelings. Besides the warm buzz sunshine brings to our northern souls we have been busy …

22 Jul 2015   Brand personality

A very personal book

Lost my name was founded by three dads and one uncle who took it upon themselves to create a highly personalised book for children. The outcome is nothing short of amazing…

15 Jul 2015   Studio life

Photo session for Van Oers

Lately we have been busy wrapping up a website design for Van Oers Accountancy & Advies and we are quiet pleased with how this project is turning out…

10 Jul 2015   Design for social good

Measuring emotion with Summer Scouts

The cities we live in are complex systems. To assure that these systems keep running smooth we already measure multiple things from our transport system to air pollution and demographic changes…

08 Jul 2015   Smart life

Smartwatches from the past

Do you still remember the G-Shock? There was a time when nearly everybody had this huge colourful robot-style watch wrapped around their wrists. A futuristic fashion statement.

02 Jul 2015   Studio life

Introducing Subiet: our public transport app

Yay! We did it! We launched Subiet, our public transport app for experienced travelers…

26 Jun 2015   Touching the senses

Bringing joy to Monday

Some things just got a bad reputation, Monday is one of them…

19 Jun 2015   Smart life

Printing a bridge

A multitude of projects have come out of the ambition to push 3d printing further. Especially in the field of architecture continuous experimentation has taken place to further develop machines and materials…

16 Jun 2015   Design for social good

Flying with the sun

On March 9 of this year a great adventure started: The first solar-powered flight around the world…

08 Jun 2015   Smart life

Disney Playmation: a story of sensors and imagination

Last week Disney announced a new toy line called Playmation, which they describe as ‘the next step in the evolution of play’…

05 Jun 2015   Smart life

Waiting for our first smart pants by project Jaquard

The partnership between Levi’s and Google’s project Jacquard is makes us anticipate interactive pants in stores hopefully very, very soon…

02 Jun 2015   Touching the senses

Project Soli: hand gestures as input

One of the most interesting technologies at this years Google I/O is undoubtedly Project Soli; a powerful motion controller that changes the motions of your hand into input gestures…

29 May 2015   Touching the senses

Bringing Van Gogh’s paintings to live

Sometimes you don’t need to have a good reason to do something besides it being awesome…

  Smart life

Store your museum memories with this pen

The Cooper Hewitt design museum in New York City has a new gadget. It’s a pen. And no, it is not just one more fancy design pen for scribbling and sketching your museum inspiration in your favorite notebook…

18 May 2015   Smart life

Turning solar panels into objects of desire

Green power generation is on the rise. More and more people are putting solar panels on their roofs or, when they have enough space, even put a wind turbine in their garden. The investment is interesting enough, but it doesn’t make your house look any better…

15 May 2015   Smart life

Responsive street furniture

What if you could design street furniture that adapts itself to the personal situation of a pedestrian? The Responsive Street Furniture project took on this challenge…

13 May 2015   Brand personality

Your personality defines if you prefer open or secluded places

Someone’s personality defines a lot more than you can imagine. The places we like to live and be in are closely linked to our personality…

11 May 2015   Design for social good

Moving from motoring to mobility

Last week we posted an article about Audi unite, where we talked about the shift from owning a car to sharing a car. Today I came across a great FastCompany article from John Edson who explains his views on this shift, he explains why the future of cars is about experience versus ownership…

08 May 2015   Touching the senses

Moff turns everything you touch into a toy

Remember how, as a child, you could turn the world into a playground and change every object around you in something magical? Sticks became swords, trees castles and the only limitation was your own imagination. In Japan they took it one step further and created a wristband…

07 May 2015   Studio life

Our office on Dutch national news

Today a news team from the NOS (Dutch Broadcast Foundation) visited our office to record an item for Monday’s 8 o’clock news. They visited our office to interview Beam CEO Don Molenaar and to take some shots of the team behind the startup. As you can see our team was very serious and not excited at all…

06 May 2015   Smart life

Audi unite: car sharing experience

Audi has started a collaborative car initiative in Stockholm called Audi unite. It enables up to five people to share an Audi…

04 May 2015   Touching the senses

Microsoft HoloLens: changing the way we see the world?

This January Microsoft announced Microsoft HoloLens, a holographic user interface. In their own words they describe it as follows…

13 Mar 2015   Studio life

Film Music in Concert

For some time we’ve been working on an awesome project for the Royal Concertgebouw’s Concertvrienden. To celebrate finishing this project (it will be launched in May) the team got an invitation for a very special evening at the Royal Concertgebouw: Film Music in Concert…

02 Mar 2015   Brand personality

Making of: A wired book

Today we proudly present the full backstory of creating one of the 12 ADCN yearbook covers. In case you have no clue what we are talking about right now, we highly recommend you check out the finished project over here…

20 Feb 2015   Studio life

Nerve-racking times

You might have heard of our latest project: Beam. In case you are wondering now what the heck we are talking about you can check out the full story on kickstarter. Prepare yourself to see one real nice product though. Nope, we are not even trying to hide how proud we are of this one…

14 Jan 2015   Brand personality

Experimenting for the new ADCN yearbook cover

About a month ago I (Jeroen) got invited to design one of 12 covers for the Art Directors Club Netherlands (ADCN) yearbook. We took on the challenge as a team and are right now working on the creation of the cover…

01 Dec 2014  

36 hours of w00tcamp

Once a year our friends at Q42 organize w00tcamp, a 36-hour maker fest. This year 19 teams tried to make their dreams come true. People worked on space balloons, 3D games, robot arms and so on…

10 Nov 2014  

Visiting Stockholm and teaching at Hyper Island

Recently I flew to Stockholm, Sweden. On the one hand it was an opportunity to do a workshop for Hyper Island students, but at the same time a chance to visit friends and companies…

27 Oct 2014  

Working on our first Kickstarter adventure

These days we are not much fun at parties. When people ask us what we are working on we have to be so vague that it’s more fun to talk about the weather. But there are some things that we can talk about…

26 Oct 2014  

One day at the Dutch Design Week

Dutch Design Week is an annual event taking place in the city of Eindhoven. With an ever growing number of venues spreading across town you could easily spend a week visiting different exhibitions…

22 Oct 2014  

Mimispot soft launch

Mimispot, the African social platform we are developing together with Q42 and eVA Fund, is currently in a soft launch phase. The platform has been launched in several countries and a diaspora team is working in Amsterdam to generate valuable local news for the communities…

22 Sep 2014  

Studio update: parties, interns and lunch

From now on we will try to keep weekly notes, so that you can get a bit of an idea what we are doing here at the studio…

04 Sep 2014  

Hunting African poachers with drones

Earlier this year we heard about Shadowview and their mission to help preserve African wildlife through their Air Guardian Programme…

08 Jul 2014  

étapes: magazine features Het verhaal van Peter

The French design magazine étapes: featured Het verhaal van Peter in their latest issue…

26 May 2014  

Interactive documentary ‘Het verhaal van Peter’ wins golden European Design Award

Last Saturday we travelled to Cologne, Germany for the awards show of the European Design Awards, one of Europe’s most prestigious design awards…

12 May 2014  

Products as the Market’s Prototypes in Crisp 03

Recently Jeroen was invited to write an article for Crisp Magazine. This issue “reflects on the role of prototyping and prototypes in design research”…

02 May 2014   Design for social good

Visiting the Graphic Design Festival in Breda

Once a year the city of Breda hosts the Graphic Design Festival Breda, an event which explores current developments in the field of graphic visual culture. Last week Frederique visited the Resolute – design changes exhibition during this event…

14 Apr 2014  

Under construction: our new office!

Today we visited our new office at Kerkplein 3-a in Breda. A team of constructors is currently working five days a week to get it finished. And although it still looks (and smells) like a mess it will definitely be awesome. Below some photos of what it currently looks like. We will keep you posted!

31 Mar 2014  

‘The story of Peter’ nominated for European Design Award

Last week our interactive documentary ‘The story of Peter’ got nominated for a prestigious European Design Award in the category self-initiated projects…

24 Mar 2014  

An African adventure with an African venture

One of the goals we have with the studio is to design products and services that have a positive impact on people’s lives. Our first step was the creation of ‘Het verhaal van Peter’, creating awareness around the personal budget. But right now we are in the middle of an adventure of a lifetime…

17 Mar 2014  

Preparing for our new office

Last year we kicked off our studio in AV Huis, Breda. We rented a small office and made it our home for the past six months…

16 Mar 2014  

Dutch Second Chamber politicians in conversation with Peter’s parents

Yes, it is happening! ‘Het verhaal van Peter’, the interactive documentary we (VLA Productions, BAMeffect and us) made…

12 Mar 2014  

Pitching Ideas talk at Interaction 14

On February 2nd I gave a talk at Interaction 14, the biggest conference around interaction design, which was held in Amsterdam…

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