design intern.

Oak & Morrow is looking for a smart, creative interaction design intern. You must understand how to discover what people want and need and to be able to create the best products and experiences for them. Experience with interactive media is great, but not mandatory. Having a good (or bad, it depends on who you ask) sense of humor is definitely a must, otherwise you won’t survive.

You are…

You will work on many different assignments, from making coffee and checking the print cartridges to making sure the plants are still alive. And sometimes, when we are not watching, you can work on awesome projects with us.

And if you are still reading this: we will treat you as a normal member of the team. And like with anybody else it depends on your own energy, initiative and creativity what your role in projects will be.


Send your motivational letter, CV, portfolio and fresh baked cookies to Jeroen van Geel.